Load Restrictions

Load restrictions are in effect on roads in the Municipality of Meaford during the Spring of each year, when road damage is most likely to happen from heavy loading. Load restrictions apply to roads that are weakened by excess water in the road base. Once the road is determined to be structurally sound, load restrictions may be lifted.

2019 Load Restrictions

Effective Friday, March 1st, 2019 all Municipality of Meaford Roads will be under a reduced load (5 tonnes per axle) period. These restrictions will currrently be continuing until May 1, 2019.

Load restriction periods are weather-dependant. They may last from March 1st to May 1st, but can be extended as late as May 31st due to changing weather patterns. 

Notice updates will be issued to define restriction periods based on seasonal weather conditions.


Load weight is restricted on roads at the discretion of the Foreperson of Transportation & Fleet Services.

Individuals may apply for a permit to provide exemption to the load restrictions. Applications must be made in writing to the Foreperson, Transportation & Fleet Services.

Please submit your request to the Administrated Office located at 21 Trowbridge Street West, Meaford.

The request must include the following information:

  • Proposed date(s)
  • Type of materials being hauled
  • Haul route
  • Load weights
  • Number of loads to be transported.

The requests will be reviewed by staff for potential impact to the road infrastructure. Exemptions may be granted where deemed appropriate by the Foreperson, Transportation & Fleet Services.

Contact Us

For more information on load restrictions, please contact us at 519-538-1060 ext 1302 or email roadsinquiry@meaford.ca.