Zoning By-law

A Zoning By-Law regulates and directs land use within the Municipality.

The Municipality of Meaford adopted its new Comprehensive Zoning By-Law (#60-2009) in September 2009. This By-Law replaced prior Zoning By-Laws which applied to the former Townships of St. Vincent and Sydenham and the former Town of Meaford. Since 2009, a number of updates to the By-Law have occured, with the most recent being approved in May 2017.

The Comprehensive By-Law has been created and maintained with the goals of unifying permissions across the Municipality and ensuring greater clarity and consistency in the application of Zoning regulations.

The Zoning By-Law consists of text as well as mapping. 

The text describes specifically the types and location of land uses, buildings and structures that are permitted within the Municipality. It establishes a number of different categories or 'Zones', and specifies that types of uses and structures that are permitted in each.

The mapping shows the location of the various Zones across the Municipality. By looking at the mapping, a property owner can determine the Zoning that applies to their individual lot(s).

For additional information about Zoning By-Laws as well as the Zoning Amendment process, please visit the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housings Citizen's Guide #3 - Zoning By-laws

Zoning By-law 60-2009 Document and Maps

Amending the Zoning By-law:

A Zoning By-Law Amendment may be considered where a use is proposed that does not meet the permissions or exact standards of the Zoning By-Law.

An amendment to the By-Law may only be considered if the proposed use is permitted by the Municipal Official Plan.

Should you wish to pursue a Zoning Amendment, Staff strongly encourage you to contact the department to schedule a pre-consultation meeting prior to submitting your amendment application.

pdf Zoning By law Amendment Application (515 KB)
H1 Removal Application

Contact Us:

For more information on the Zoning By-law, please contact us at:

Phone: 519-538-1060 ext. 1119
email: planning@meaford.ca



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    Due to water across the road and damage to the surface, St. Vincent-Sydenham Townline from Gerald Shortt Pkwy to Sideroad 6 has been closed. It will remain closed until the road surface has been repaired. No estimated date or time of reopening is available at this time. #Meaford

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