Climate Change Adaptation

Climate change is an increasingly critical issue both at the international and local level. Climate change continues to bring challenges that municipalities need to face head-on and manage proactively. The Municipality of Meaford is experiencing challenges such as flood events and other occurences of extreme weather, resulting in a variety of environmental, social and economic impacts.

Climate Change Affects Our Whole Community

The following are some of the effects that climate change may have on the Municipality:

More precipitation in winter season - Additional snow and ice removal costs, risk of accidents and injury, etc.

Increased heat waves - Stress on vulnerable populations, the natural environment, added pressure on emergency services, etc.

More frequent extreme storms - Damage to built and natural systems, business closures, power outages, transit delays, etc.

More volatile weather - Frozen, bursting pipes, road hazards, etc.

Warmer temperatures year-round - Increased demand on energy supply, fewer recreational opportunities, crop failure, health risks for vulnerable populations,

Great Lakes Climate Change Adaptation Project

Adaptation: Actions taken to limit the damage to people, communities, infrastructure and the environment resulting from current and projected climatic changes.

In July of 2016, the Municipality was selected to participate in a training session focused on climate change resilience for Great Lakes communities, guided by the International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives (ICLEI) Canada's Building, Adaptation and Resilient Communities (BARC) Program. In February of 2017, the Municipality hosted a Climate Change Adaptation Workshop to assess community vulnerability and risk, and to develop an understanding of community perceptions surrounding climate change impacts.

ICLEI Canada prepared a Climate Report for the Municipality of Meaford, projecting the climate change impacts that are expected to occur over the next century, focusing on changes in temperature and precipitation, as well as changes to lake levels and temperature.

Projected Climatic Changes

In the Climate Report, ICLEI identified that climate change is affecting our Municipality in the following ways:

  • Increase in average annual temperature (More hot days over 30 degrees Celsius)
  • Increase in average annual precipitation with a decrease in summer (Less rain in summer, less precipitation as snow in winter)
  • Increase in extreme weather events including heavy rainfall, ice storms and wind storms (Extreme and heavy rain that is more intense and frequent)

It's not all bad news...

Local governments are leading the way in adaptation strategies. Anticipatory adaptation planning can increase future benefits and reduce future risks associated with climate change. The Adaptation Planning Process involves identifying local climate change impacts, as well as conducting vulnerability and risk assessments. Some adaptation examples as a result of the process include creating 72-hour emergency kits for households, upgrading infrastructure based on climate change projections, and using permeable pavement in parking lots to reduce overland flooding risks.

There is a clear indication that climate change is affecting the Municipality of Meaford. Identififying and adapting to these future changes will help the Municipality remain a sustainable community.

Victoria Street Multiple Dwelling Units

Development Information

Type of Development: Single Storey Multiple-unit Dwellings

Website: n/a


This application is in its early stages and has just obtained a site specific Zoning By-law Amendment to facilitate single-storey multiple-unit dwellings on the land.

Upcoming Public Meetings

None scheduled.


By law 59 2015 Victoria St ZBLA

Notice of Passing Z05 15 - Victoria St ZBLA

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Phone: 519-538-1060 ext. 1120 email:

Tree Cutting

Tree cutting is regulated within areas zoned Environmental Protection and in areas that have been recognized for tree preservation of buffering as part of an agreement with the Municipality under the Municipal  Tree Cutting By-law.  A  Tree Removal Application Permit is required in these areas.

In addition, the removal of certain trees is also regulated within the Heritage Conservation District.

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Phone: 519-538-1060 ext. 1134

Property Standards

The Municipality has a Property Standards By-law and a Yards By-law which set out the minimum standards for building and property maintenance within the Municipality. Standards prescribed in these By-laws are intended to outline the reasonable maintenance and upkeep of yards, buildings and properties.

These standards are not intended to reflect those set out in newly constructed buildings. However, the Municipality does recognize the importance of maintaining existing buildings.

Some examples of standards covered by the property standards by-law include:

  • General Standards for all property
  • Surface Conditions and Drainage
  • Sewer and Drainage
  • Parking Areas, Walks and Driveways
  • Accessory Buildings, Fences, and other structures
  • Garbage Disposal
  • Compost
  • Pest Prevention
  • Building Standards (includes rental provisions)
  • Vacant or Fire Damaged Lands and Buildings 
  • Farm Properties

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For more information on Municipal By-laws or to make a complaint, contact:

Phone: 519-538-1060 ext. 1134


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