Service Delivery Review 2016-2017


Completing a Service Delivery Review is one of the Action Items from Council's Strategic Priorities 2015-2018, under the Focus Area of Leading in Municipal Government.

At the Council Meeting on October 26, 2015 it was determined that the Municipality of Meaford would complete the Service Delivery Review internally over a period of about 15 months, led by the CAO and utilizing internal service review teams, with comprehensive stakeholder and public input.

What is a Service Delivery Review?

from the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing “Making Choices: Building Strong Communities, A Guide to Service Delivery Review for Municipal Councillors and Staff”.

Service delivery review is an evaluation process in which a specific municipal service is systematically reviewed to determine the most appropriate way to provide it.

Get Involved

The Service Delivery Review relies on your input. You can get involved by completing our online survey on municipal services, attending a public consultation session or Council meeting, and sharing information with your friends and family on how they can get involved too.