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Livestock Claims 

Ontario Wildlife Damage (Livestock) Compensation Program

Program Overview

The Ontario Wildlife Damage Compensation Program provides financial assistance to producers whose livestock, poultry and honey bees were damaged by wildlife. The Ontario Wildlife Damage Compensation Program is administered by the Ministry of Agriculture and Food.

The Municipality processes Wildlife Damage claims:

  1. The Producer who suffers a loss of livestock contacts the Livestock Valuer for a site visit and to complete the necessary forms.

  2. The Program Application, including photos, and supporting documents are completed by the Livestock Valuer and forwarded to the Ministry within 10 business days of the livestock owner contacting the Municipality.

For more information visit Ontario Wildlife Damage Compensation Program on the Ministry of Agriculture and Food website. 

Livestock Valuer:  Ed Ormsby (519) 374-0139 (cell)

Coyote Bounty

The Municipality of Meaford does not allow for the taking of coyotes and setting the rate for compensation unless the reason for trapping is related to a livestock kill.  A trapper is responsible for having a Coyote/Wolf Predation Compensation Claim Form completed by all parties as listed on the form.

Process and Claim Form - Coyote or Wolf Predation

Beaver Bounty

The Municipality of Meaford, under the County of Grey By-law 3274-91 and By-law 41114-04 has a process by which applications can be made and compensation paid for the removal of Nuisance Beaver.  A trapper must remove the tail of the beaver and bring it, in addition to completed beaver authorization and certification request, to the Municipality of Meaford municipal office. A municipal officer will sign the compensation form and keep the beaver tail. It’s the trapper’s responsibility to dispose of the remaining beaver carcass.

Process and Claim Form - Beaver

Additional Information

For further information, please visit OMAFRA website at

Contact Us

For more information on livestock claims, contact us at:

Phone: 519-538-1060 ext. 1100


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