Meaford is an affordable place to live in comparison to many communities in southern Ontario. Meaford is quickly becoming a destination of choice amongst those looking to retire from the urban centres of southern Ontario and is an attractive place for young families because of the unmatched amenities offered locally and within the region.

Now is the opportune time to invest in Meaford, the real estate prices are inspiring purchases of cottages, second homes and retirement dreams, and subsequent business investments.   The urban centre of Meaford is primed for new growth and presently has capacity in both water and wastewater systems to service the current and future developments based on current projections.

See for Yourself

This is what $1 million will get you in Toronto.

This is what $1.5 million will get you in Meaford, from a listing in April 2015:

An exterior view of a spacious, beautiful home on a 49 acre property surrounded by trees and a manicured lawn.


  • 2017-05-24T19:17:01+0000
    It's that time of year again! The apple blossoms are out in all their glory. A great time to walk the trails or visit Irish Mountain Lookout to appreciate the view!

  • 2017-05-24T19:15:44+0000
    The Municipality of Meaford updated their cover photo.

  • 2017-05-23T15:14:08+0000
    As of today, municipal services will no longer be offered on Thursdays at the Sydenham Centre due to low usage rates. Mayor Clumpus will continue to host her coffee time on the third Thursday of the month from 1:30 to 3:00pm. For more information, see

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