Garbage and Recycling

Please see below our new waste management portal! We are still fine-tuning this tool, so if you experience an issue please let us know at or by calling 519-538-1060 ext 1515.

Waste Services handles garbage, recycling, and green bin pickup as well as other waste services for Meaford residents. Our community has been recognized as having one of the highest waste diversion rates in the province, thanks to high participation in our waste diversion programs. Here you can find information on pickup schedules, drop off locations, and what materials belong in the green bin, blue box, or garbage can.

2017 Waste Management Flyer

Pickup Map and Schedule

See the map of pick up routes across the municipality of Meaford, and the schedule of dates for garbage, recycling and green bin pickup.

Waste Transfer Stations

There is a depot available to Meaford residents to drop off garbage and recycling products. See the waste depot locations and hours of operation.

Green Bin Organics

Composting is easy! Compostable material like food scraps and paper products with food on them can get put in the green bin, and are picked up weekly with your recycling.


Recyclable material like cans, bottles and paper products go into the blue recycling bin, and are picked up weekly with your green bin.

Household Hazardous Waste

Meaford residents can drop off household hazardous waste for safe disposal. Find out the drop off dates and location, as well as what materials are accepted.

Electronic Waste

Electronics can contain substances and resources that need to be recycled, reused or disposed of properly. Find out how to dispose of electronics safely.

Leaf and Yard Waste

Yard waste includes things like branches, leaves and grass clippings. They can be dropped off at no charge during the spring and summer months.

Buy Mulch and Compost

Compost, mulch, and woodchips made from leaf and yard waste is for sale at the Leaf and Yard Waste Facility on Fridays from 12 Noon until 5:00pm, and Saturdays from 9:00am to 2:00pm.


Items that are not reusable, recyclable or compostable can be placed in your garbage for disposal. Garbage is picked up every two weeks.

Bale Wrap Recycling

The Municipality of Meaford is working with Switch Energy Corporation from Clinton, Ontario, on a balewrap recycling collection program.

Goods Exchange Day

Goods Exchange Day allows residents to leave items on the curb or roadside for free for other residents to pick up. See upcoming dates and regulations for goods exchange.

Bulk Item Pickup

Starting in 2016, Bulky Items will be collected at the curbside seven (7) times between April and October on designated days. Residents will be asked to contact the Municipal office to schedule bulky item pickup.



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    I really think there should be a garbage can at the skateboard park. It is really terrible to see all the litter in the parking lot. I truly think everyone would put their garbage in a can if there was one easily accessible. Just my opinion ! 😉

  • 2017-04-25T00:38:40+0000
    Came home to a rabid racoon in my driveway and called animal control only to be told that I would have to call a pest control company or licensed trapper and pay for it myself, So what exactly do the rate payers get for the taxes they pay and if not for a serious health risk to people's pets and children why do we even have an animal control officer , this is in the town of meaford proper otherwise I could take care of it myself , What are our taxes paying for

  • 2017-04-24T18:03:38+0000
    Classic #Meaford


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