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Welcome to Meaford

Welcome to our community! With local agriculture, a unique and thriving waterfront, quality healthcare, and great leisure activities, you'll see why we are proud to call Meaford "Home".

A Night Out in Meaford

Arts, culture, and fine dining - These are all part of "A Night Out in Meaford".

Produced with the assistance of RTO7.

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Meaford Agribusiness

From field to fork - get fresh food straight from our local farmers.

Tomorrow begins in Meaford

Meaford past and present - This video highlights the many historical buildings, businesses and locations within the Municipality of Meaford still around today.

Unique Quality of Life

A Wonderful Day in Meaford, Ontario.

History of Grandma Lambe

Learn more about Grandma Lambe, an iconic figure in the Meaford community

Making It Happen

Come see everything Meaford has to offer and find out why it is such an incredible four-season destination.

Meaford Scarecrow Festival

The “Invasion of Scarecrows” begins in mid September through to mid October. More than 250 scarecrows will be found in the downtown area alone – dangling sassily from downtown lamp posts, hiding in bushes and trees, lounging happily on benches, peeking out from behind cornstalks and resting comfortably on porches and verandahs. It is a festival like no other, join us on October 3rd for the parade!

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