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By-law Enforcement Services

By-laws are established by the Municipality to regulate specific requirements to the area. By-laws are no different than any other Law and are enforceable under the Provincial Offences Act and the Municipal Act.

The Municipal Law Enforcement division promotes health, safety and a harmonious community through the inspection and resolution of By-law complaints. Some of the core operational functions of this division include animal licencing and control, parking control (including fire routes and accessible zones), property standards, signs, zoning and licencing.

All By-law Complaints are required to be submitted in writing, in the required form. Only those complaints filled out in their entirety will be addressed in a priority sequence. Please also be advised that priority will be given to those complaints dealing with the safety of persons.

By-law Complaint Form

For questions or concerns about Meaford's By-laws, please contact us.

This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it Property Standards/By-law Enforcement Officer 519-538-1060 ext. 1134

Richard A. Carefoot

Chief Building Official

519-538-1060 ext. 1113


By-laws Online

The following consolidations are an electronic reproduction made available for information only. They are not an official version of the By-law. The format may be different, and plans, pictures, other graphics or text may be missing or altered. The Municipality of Meaford does not warrant the accuracy of these electronic versions.

Official versions of all By-laws can be obtained from the Municipal Clerk, Mr. Robert Tremblay by calling (519) 538-1060 or email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Several of the most frequently requested By-laws are located below. Updates will be placed on the website as available.

Canine and Care of Animals By-laws
icon 078-2013 Control of Dogs and Care of Animals (72.56 kB)

Application for Dog Tags: icon Dog Tag 2014 Application Form (144.04 kB)
Application for Kennel Licence: icon Kennel Application Form 2014 (114.31 kB) To regulate various matters relating to the licensing and control of dogs. For more information visit the Canine Control Services page

For an animal that is suspected to have rabies and/or distemper please call Ministry of Natural Resources (MNR) Owen Sound 519-376-3860 and as well as the Canada Food Agency 226-217-8423.

See the MNR website for more information.

Note: For removal of raccoons, please contact a private animal control agency.  If you feel that there is a safety concern with the raccoon due to distemper or rabies, call the OPP at 

Burn By-Law
Permit for Burn By-law:  icon Open Air Burn Permit Application - Meaford - Revised (Nov 1 13) accessible (84.61 kB) 
To regulate outdoor burning in conjunction with the Meaford Fire Department

Licensing By-law
To license, regulate and govern the owners and drivers of businesses in the municipality, and to repeal all previous by-laws.

Line Fences Act
To apportion the cost of division fences between property owners

Long Grass & Weeds By-Law
Amendment to Long Grass and Weeds By-Law
To regulate long grass and weeds on property

Parking By-law
Amendment to Parking By-Law
To regulate parking and traffic

* Please note in reference with Schedule 'F': Market Square – 12 Nelson Street East - One (1) row is designated to permit overnight parking and is signed accordingly.  Vehicles parked outside of that designated area may be ticketed or towed. 

Property Standards By-Law
To require property owners to repair and maintain their property

To regulate and prohibit the unwanted sound of noise

Sign By-law 022-2014 - To regulate sign(s) within the municipality prior to be erected or displayed.

Permit for Sign(s):

  1. Sign Permit Application 2014
  2. Temporary Sign Application 2014
  3. Portable Sidewalk Application 2014

Variance Request Form - Sign Variance Request

Sign Standards Chart - Sign Standards

Tree Cutting By-law

To prohibit and regulate the destruction or injuring of certain trees in the Municipality of Meaford