2015 Tax Supported Draft Budget Update

Meaford, Ontario – February 10, 2015 – The Municipality of Meaford’s Draft Budget for 2015 has been updated following the Special Budget Meeting held Monday, February 9. As the chart below demonstrates, the tax levy increase has been reduced from the originally proposed 1.79% to 1.32%.
January 12 – Requested 2015 Budget $12,644,023  
January 12 – Requested Additional Funding $222,845 1.79%
February 2 – Budget Adjustments ($31,500)  
February 2 – New Requested Additional Funding $191,345 1.54%
February 9 – Budget Adjustments ($19,480)  
February 9 – New Requested Additional Funding $171,865 1.38%
February 9 – Budget Adjustment ($8,000)  
New Requested Additional Funding $163,865 1.32%
New Requested 2015 Budget $12,585,043  

For the average household in Meaford valued at $254,000, this amounts to an increase of $25.40 per year, or $2.12 per month.

The Draft 2015 Budget will be presented to Council for final approval at the next Council meeting to be held at 6:30pm on March 2, 2015 at the Meaford Council Chambers.


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Municipality of Meaford
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Denyse Morrissey
Municipality of Meaford
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  • 2017-06-21T20:10:28+0000
    Does this window look familiar? This circa 1800's stained glass window featuring Sir John A MacDonald has been donated to the Meaford Museum, but with no history of where it came from or how it ended up here in Meaford. If you have any information on this Mystery Window, please get in touch with the Meaford Museum at 519-538-5974 or jsimon@meaford.ca.

  • 2017-06-20T13:14:43+0000
    The 4 CDTC has something special coming for #Canada150! A Leopard 2A4 Battle tank and LAV 6.0 will be rolling through #Meaford! http://www.meaford.ca/government/60-news/832-military-tank-is-coming-to-town-for-canada-150.html

  • 2017-06-19T17:43:12+0000
    Meaford Hall is seeking volunteers to assist with box office sales and tourism info over the lunch hours during the week! Visit www.meaford.ca/volunteer for more info!

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