Business Improvement Area

The Meaford Business Improvement Area is an organization which has been active for over two decades. As an enthusiastic group of business people, who have an investment in our community, we spend many hours of volunteer time serving our mandate. The Ontario Municipal Act stipulates that the BIA is responsible for both beautification and promotion of the downtown business community.

The Meaford BIA has an operating budget based on a self-regulated tax levy for all businesses within our downtown jurisdiction. 

Some downtown beautification activities the BIA takes part in or assists with: 

•   Fall & Winter Decorations
•   Flower boxes &  baskets
•   Benches
•   Litter Clean-up
•   Flags & Banners
•   Waste & Recycling Receptacles
•   Storefront Displays
•   Heritage Preservation

The BIA liaises with municipal council on many issues including: waste disposal, business tax by-laws, signage by-laws, utilities & services maintenance, economic development plans, inter-community projects, and strategic planning for the future. The Meaford B.I.A. is involved with any issue that may affect the future welfare of the downtown business community - whether political, social or economic in nature. 

BIA Boundary


Meaford Downtown - BIA Boundary



By-law 44-1978 - Town of Meaford Downtown Management Board
By-law 48-2013 - Appoint BIA Board
By-law 053-2013 - BIA Meetings and Affairs


Notice - Change of March 2014 Meeting Date

Notice - BIA Levy Change Proposal

Notice - BIA Annual General Meeting - January 15, 2014

Notice - BIA Succession Planning and Future Direction Meeting

Letter - BIA Succession Planning and Future Direction 

Window Unveiling

2014 Window Unveiling

25th Anniversary Meaford BIA Window Unveiling

November 22, 2014 at 6 p.m. to 8 p.m.

Theme:  "Silver Bells"

Please mark your calendar for this very fun filled event in downtown Meaford!

Meaford B.I.A. 25th Annual Window Unveiling (214.67 kB)

Meaford B.I.A. Silver Anniversary Window Unveiling (80.23 kB)

icon 2014 Street Closure Notice (216.26 kB)

2013 Window Unveiling Winners

2013 Window Unveiling Flyer

2013 Street Closure Notice

2012 Window Unveiling Winners

Window Themes - 2000 to present 

Event Photos


Canada Day Event


Canada Day Event on the Way




Canada Day Event Up Trowbridge St


Agendas, Minutes and Highlights

BIA Meetings - Agendas and Minutes and Highlights


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    The Municipality of Meaford added a new photo.

  • 2017-07-20T19:18:31+0000
    The 5:00pm - 7:00pm session for the Public Information Centre for the Meaford Playground Recreation Rehabilitation and Expansion project will be held at McCaroll Park (210 Parker Street East) as originally scheduled. If you are not able to attend this session, further information can be found at:

  • 2017-07-20T13:53:47+0000
    The Municipality of Meaford shared their event.Only one week left until the Mayor's Business Session! If you own a local business and want to have your voice heard on how to improve business in Meaford, this is your chance!

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